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Feda O Donnell Coaches or Busfeda as it is now known is a fifty-year old family-owned and managed business which has become one of Ireland’s most successful coach companies. The company’s origins go back to 1961 when Feda O Donnell returned from working in Scotland to set up a taxi service in his native Ranafast and in the surrounding area. After 10 years of local taxi work Feda purchased a 29 seat bus and began to bring people from all over the county to and from Glasgow. He also provided a service known locally as flitting to those people wishing to move, along with all their belongings back home to Ireland from places including Wales Leeds Glasgow and Edinburgh. Since marring in 1976 his wife Brid has been an integral part of the on-going success story.

While attending University College Galway in 1981 Brid’s brother Micheal Ferry recognised the need for a student bus service between Donegal and Galway.  Feda then sent a bus to and from Galway on a Friday and again on Sunday and thus the Donegal – Sligo – Mayo – Galway service began. This route was developed over the following years and became the cornerstone of the companies service work. Micheal is still a part of the team and plays a central role in the running of the business.

Delivery of the first new coach was in 1992 and this came in the form of a 53seat Volvo B10m Plaxton Paramount. This was one of the first new coaches in the area and proved very popular with the daily and weekly commuters on the Donegal – Galway route.

In 1996 Sally Roarty a sister of Brid’s joined the company as an office administrator/secretary. Sally brought with her a wealth of accounting experience from her previous work in the civil service  and has been an invaluable asset to the company ever since.

While the most part of the work carried out by Busfeda is service work the company also prides itself on the private charter, day trip and tour work it carries out and because of the high level of luxury vehicle operated by Busfeda all types of work including school tours, cross channel football trips and cruise ship day excursions are  undertaken. Busfeda is also responsible for transporting a large percentage of the Irish college Students to the area to learn Gaelige during the summer months.

From its humble beginnings in the early sixties Busfeda has grown into a popular successful company with the commitment of consistently providing a high quality professional service and strive to meet the needs and expectations of our ever expanding customer base.